Chelsea shoots for Gymbox by Amanda

The lovely Chelsea Labadini shoots for Gymbox.

Chelsea was booked on the Gymbox ‘pain is your friend’ campaign.

Cast by Sue Odell and shot by Todd Antony.

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Trinh’s new pictures by Amanda

Loving Trinh’s new photographs! Looking gorgeous as always! Check out the rest of photos on her page.

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Tracey Lushington shoots for PWC by Amanda

Tracey Lushington shoots for PWC to promote small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Photographer Greg Funnell and production by Raw.

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KPMG by Amanda


Stephen Lordan works on KPMG campaign shot by Conor Masterson


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Marie Curie by Amanda

See Matthew Curnier and Carmen Knight in the shoot for Marie Curie and their new campaign

‘Host a dinner down memory lane’

Retro food is having something of a revival at the moment with everyone from celebrity chefs to fun-loving foodies revisiting and reinventing some of the classic cuisine of the last few decades.

Hosting a Dinner Down Memory Lane is the perfect excuse to be part of this retro revival while raising money for people living with a terminal illness.

Recreate time-honoured classics such as duck à l’orange and prawn cocktail or surprise your guests by putting a contemporary twist on some old favourites.

Whatever you decide, your Dinner Down Memory Lane is all about bringing people together to enjoy good food and good company for a great cause.

marie curie

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